FX INTERNATIONAL | About FX International
3PL Service Provider that provides a complete turnkey logistics service world wide. Based in South Africa with the expertise and ability to move anything, anywhere, safely and on time.
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About FX International

FX International is a solely owned logistics management company that started in 2000, Johannesburg, South Africa.  FX has grown by providing long term professional services in the commodity trading arena establishing itself as a credible company that is confident in being able to source the best priced solutions. Our independence from suppliers and transporters allows FX to remain flexible to suit each of our customers’ needs in the most convenient manner possible, with each product and trade type.


FX became a top South African fuel exporter during the era of shortages and over 100 million liters of diesel, petrol, Jet A1 and paraffin was exported to most neighboring African countries.


FX International has since inception been exceptional in the transport and logistics solution industry. This core strength has carried us throughout the years and will take FX into the future from strength to strength.  Our competitive edge remains our client retention ratio with over 90% of our clientele having been with us for five years or longer. This has been achieved through diligence in ensuring that our Core Values are always at the forefront of our business.


Due to the disparate nature of a supply chain, it is difficult for one organization to be able to own the entire process and be able to deliver a satisfactory solution to the customer with owned assets.  Therefore, we believe, that our strength lies in our own capabilities combined with our partnerships in the industry where we need strength.


FX delivers and manages the entire solution for our customers without necessarily owing each aspect of the full solution, but remaining fully accountable and responsible for all deliverables and key performance areas.


Increasingly, customers are looking at one service supplier to be accountable and responsible for the entire supply chain.


As customers realize that they need to concentrate more on their core business to survive the ever changing demands in the industry, they start looking for experts in areas that are not core to themselves.  Service levels, distribution models and costs are agreed upfront and the logistics service suppliers are measured according to these agreements.  This is where FX positions itself.  We strive to be so integrated into our customer’s business that we become an extension thereof.  This requires long term partnerships that build on strong foundations of trust, integrity, honesty and open communication.

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